Monday, May 18, 2009


So I've decided to start this blog over again. Now that I'm a college grad I felt that a blog related to my last college class has become a tad irrelevent and it was time to move on as to not confuse any potential readers.

Bringing you up to speed:

I finished college in December 2008 and have been working as a freelance production assistant since then. Work is up and down. The first few months were great at TV Guide Network but I haven't done a whole lot since then. A couple days on L.A. Ink, a really bad pilot that will probably get picked up, and I'm always trying to line up a few gigs here and there. I still work part time at the Griffith Observatory but after graduating the job just doesn't feel the same.

In a total shock to many of my peers, I might be taking a hiatus on my career path in the next few months. While I eventually want to end up back in the field of media (mostly TV and film), I have taken the initial steps to join the U.S. Navy as an officer. This will be a monumental task but I am very determined to make this happen over the next few months. My goal is to become a Public Affairs Officer for the Navy but have discovered I will have to spend a few years doing something else before attempting to become a PAO.

So you might ask yourself "What in the hell made you want to join the Navy?"

Well, it had actually always been a dream of mine since I was very young. I remembering wanting to be a fighter pilot but those dreams were cast aside in the 4th grade when Dr. Lee fit me for my first set of glasses. Through the years of struggling with school and attempting to be a rebellious punk rock kid, I still had a great respect for the military and my country. I had even thought about joining 5 years ago when I was 23 and had dropped out of college but decided to go back to school instead.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of getting a tour of the USS Ronald Reagan, one of the Aircraft Carriers based in San Diego. After the tour I found myself being bit by the bug that I wanted to serve the country that has given so much to me, and on top of that, provide me with someone of the self discipline and structure I feel that my life lacks. I don't know if I will ever get through the admission process to join the Navy, but I'm going to try like hell to not take no for an answer.

So that should get anyone who cares up to speed. From mow on my blog posts will probably be shorter, less about me, and more about my interactions with the world.

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