Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrate California?

So yesterday I made a last minute decision to join some friends at Disney's California Adventure theme park. They had free tickets and I knew by going I would get a free ticket to Disneyland in the next 30 days.

The park itself is actually a lot of fun for being Disney's redheaded stepchild of amusement parks. The rides are a lot of fun except that god awful ferris wheel. I was bummed I couldn't go on the new Toy Story ride but we managed to go on most of the main rides there in 5 hours.

I guess what's funny about it is the fact they decided to have a California themed park. I was thinking if this was really a place for California related themes, we could have such exciting rides as "The Border Crosser", "Wildfire Run", "Earthquake: The Ride", and of course "The State Budget Roller Coaster". I guess the "Tower of Terror" will have to do for now.

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